Sunday, 29 April 2012

Photo © Oana Camilleri Belis 2011

Translated from Nichita Stanescu

A is a letter, I another letter
I play the fiddle like a fool
Dog is an animal, Grass a plant
From whence the mad in you takes a jump
The eye is a loss
The word a joke
Upon which, upon a plank
Of the hours, of the waves
Our lives, many
We save

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Photo© Oana Camilleri
Belis 2011

Very Dog
translation from Nichita Stanescu
by Oana Camilleri

Very dog I wanted to be
Barking at the wrong tree
With the tooth that was alive
Dead to come upon thee

Very bird I wanted to lie
For a while upon your shield
Abandoned and begun
I was only hurt

Very human I might of been
If I'd known just how to be
What is made of bone in you
And what is red in pink